Masters Degree - Composition : 1979

The Benjamin T. Rome School Of Music - The Catholic University Of America, Washington D.C.

Multi Instrumentalist - Percussion, Keyboards and Guitar

Film Scores, Commisioned Works, Soundtrack and Production, Tracking and Midi, Digital and Analog synthesis

Private Music Instructor

Location - Maryland - Washington DC Metropolitan area

Personal - Married 42 years, Son and Daughter


I believe that life experiences shape the depth of one's creativity. I was a stay-at-home Dad whose life took an unexpected turn in 1988 when my then three year old son (32 now) became permanently disabled from a stroke after a brain aneurysm exploded in his head. My primary goal in life was to raise both my kids and help my son through his intensive two-decade rehabilitation.

During those years I learned a great deal about faith and perseverence through my son's journey in which he shattered all medical odds and prognoses in his recovery.